V-JACKET 1 (Black) OW-M10111


The SUP line for 2016 features the introduction of neoprene gear for this specific water sport. We focused on raising your performance and Comfort. We know that when you are SUP’ing the idea is to be as long as possible outside of water, especialy on Races. Because of that, we decided to use a brand new kind of neoprene with ventilation properties – It means, that the rubber will let your moisture come out, and lower your body temperature, not letting you get too hot, therefore improving your performance!


The V-Jacket 1 features a chest zip that you can get open easily when you are feeling too hot. In the back we featured a pocket big enough for you to store some of the necessary goods essential to keeping you energized, like gels, or energy bars, or even your phone, or GPS.


This is the one piece you will not want to miss!


Ref.ª M10110


Super Stretchy neo 1,5mm
Ventiprene – breathable neoprene
Flatlock stitching
Easy colar




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